An Experiment With the Band and a Big Dance Rehearsal

In our last video preview, you heard the incredible voices of our ensemble.  Today, something different.  The longest and most choreographed number in the show is The Club.  It runs about seven minutes, about six are here.  In this video, you can see much of that choreography on our stage, along with the fabulous sound of our band.  The experiment is that for the first time in Wagner theatrical production, you can’t see the band!

In most professional shows, the orchestra is in a pit, or under the stage, or even in another room.  We’ve never been able to do that until now.  Since the set for In The Heights does not move, Stage Left (the audience’s right side) provides an open space for the band.  The actors will not have to sing and project “over” the band sitting in front of them.  So even without microphones, you can just about hear the actors.  (Don’t worry- there will be at about 16 microphones on the actors, and few more above them during the show!)  We have about seven weeks to make what you see and hear in this video, perfect.  If you have seen our past shows, you know we will do just that.  To see it “perfect” buy your In The Heights tickets now by clicking here.


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