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Video: The S.S. American Rises…with five weeks to opening night!

In just over a month, it will opening night for our grand production of the Broadway classic, Anything Goes.  The ship, that is, the set has been rising from the stage floor over the past few weeks.  Here’s a peek at what has happened so far.. we’ll be adding more to this video as the our ship, the S.S. American, continues to be fitted out!

And don’t forget… tickets are on sale (hmm…on sail, maybe?) right now.  Just click the banner ad right above here and get you tickets for what promises to be a rip roaring adventure at sea!!

In The Heights- The Pre-School Edition!!

People have asked, “What ages is In The Heights for?” The answer is, “Everyone!!” Our Lighting Director found this video on YouTube by chance. It is absolutely adorable. Our theater teacher, Diane Zerega, already wants to know if she can come to Wagner High School!

From Wagner’s Media Arts Program…A Look at Opening Night

While this web page is dedicated to the Wagner High School theater program, there are over a dozen other learning centers within the school, and we try to work together on various projects.  Two students in our Media Program, John Tashiro and John Madigan, were at opening night with their cameras and they put this together.  It is simply amazing.



(Unfortunately, because of copyright restrictions, they can’t use music from the show.  YouTube will take the video down if they do.)

Wagner HS Theater on NY1 News!

NY1 News came to our rehearsal on Sunday not to just see how the show is going, but to highlight the role that many of the student performers had in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy last fall.  Some of our performers were directly affected by it, with their homes sustaining severe damage.

Tickets are available online- just click the link in the ad at on the right.

Click on the screen shot below to hear NY1 News reporter Aaron Dickens to tell the full story:

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.27.04 AM









UPDATE:  We sent this link to Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of In The Heights and the original Usnavi on Broadway, via Twitter and later in the day we got this back:

In The Heights– New Rehearsal Video!!

It’s a little shaky, taken with an iPhone, but one of the classic songs from In The Heights is 96,000. Here’s the Wagner High cast rehearsing the song this afternoon on the stage. Click the Ticket Purchase link in the top menu to buy your tickets for this incredible show today!!

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